Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our anniversary ♥ ♥

let this post start with the camwhore picture of myself =P

knowing you for years, in the same hut with you for years, in the same room with you for 2 years, we have once shared the common thingy under the chemistry, yet we just never take note of each other seriously

you were going on well with your life, with balloons and sweets surrounding you at all times
I walked on the path well too, with the accompany of bees and honey =)
we had fun !
once in a while, I get to know how's your world from others....but I never take it seriously...

till a day, Cupid shot each of us with an arrow
and it made us awake and started to slow down
we saw each other at last~ in another kind of way~

then, life is full with calls and short texts
a kiss is planted on the field and there goes the rainy days for a month
LOVE is born~~~~
28 of July - a day for us =)

sorry for the few scratches I have created accidentally...

I love you babe~
it's a bit of LDR yet I believe it will grow well =)
I am lucky for being pampered by your love, lovely gifts, cares and more cares !!!
you treated me like a princess^^
thanks for building the dream palace I have always wanted....

Happy 1 year anniversary babe !

can't believe it's already a year =)
the 1st date till the latest date~