Monday, July 12, 2010

daph daph's birthday

it's the 1st time Daph is having a birthday party at her house^^
a simple yet nice party

I was at her house since the noon~~~~
played Wii for the first time....XD yaya... I know I sounded kinda outlated...=.=
my comment, it's very NICE =)
the dancing map which I has failed to score... (1st time kay?)

accompanied her to buy food and some preparations...
8pm~ party starts !
I was kinda full before the ppl come as Daph n me started the BBQ dinner earlier...=P

had a great time with the old scout gang...
her birthday party = no candle lighting, but there's a brownie cake for everyone....^^
= Wii battle in the living room^^
= chit chatting session

HAPPY birthday yea Daph=)

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