Friday, March 20, 2009

at last ~

After days of struggling...
days of headache...
I made up my mind at last~
I m going to put law as my 1st choice~
just hope that I ll get it~
that's my decision~
just filled up the upu form n no more changes~
good luck to myself...
thanks a lot to those who gave me opinions n advices... ^^

anyway~ about my day~
went to Neway Puchong today with the gals n guys~
we started to sing from 1pm++ till 6pm~
it's nicer at there but then of course u got to pay more^^
ordered seafood with white sauce spaghetti...
it's not nice~ dun really like it~
my drink has a very cute name->lips to lips XD
so, we just kept on sing n sing n sing...
n sometimes screaming too =p
almost lost my voice...
anyway, we had a great time~

it's the scout's campfire 2nite but I can't make it there...
it ll surely be a fun night~
sigh...I m gonna being grounded with my "out all day attitude"~
taken a few pics while I went for a visit~
Daph dyed her hair again-> red brown

those AJK gonna sleep here..

the tents~
I miss those days so much...
I miss my camping days....

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