Thursday, March 19, 2009

sWeet chAt

it's such a dramatic day~
kinda speechless....
not going to type the reason here of why I said so... =p

went to mv on Tues with Jenny to meet up with Ash~
Ash wanted to watch movie...
thus, we went for Street Fighter, the legend of Chun Li
I like the main character~
she is very pretty
but then, this movie isn't very nice...
no suprises, not really worth to watch it in cinema~

had our lunch n discussion of uni stuffs at Sweet Chat~

dessert time for me !!!
wanted to try the durian pancake but then Jenny anti-durian^^
so, next time la~
I ordered scones..
it's an english pastry which is served with strawberry jam and cream..
the taste is just so-so~

the wi-fi there is not working~ sigh~

but then, we still manage to get some info~
hate choosing~
hate making decision~
really thanks to Ash for spending his time on helping us~

there goes the pic of us~

the day ended with my favourite ice-cream~
mint chocz~ love it !

Daniel got us at mv after his class~
really thanks to him or else we ad become sardine fish in the KTM... ^^

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