Thursday, March 19, 2009

lOok Out pOint

my 1st time to look out point...
somewhere in Cheras~
love that place a lot !!!
somehow I just realise that Msia has such a nice place to enjoy KL night view^^
reached there at 10.30pm~
on the way there, something bad happened
Daniel got a saman of going into one way path...
really pity n innocent...
taken us lots of time on getting parking~
at last, Dan decided to get the jockey service...
anyway~ back to the night view~
pretty rite? it's so relaxing to just sit there n enjoy the view~
lots of stars on that night~
but my camera can't capture the stars.. >.<
Jenny kept on telling us what those stars means...
look at her picture~
kept on looking at the sky... ^^

we got ourselves a nice seat at Bread n Olive~
it's Gasonline next to us~
heard 5 birthday songs.. guess lots of them share the same birth date =)

Jenny n me~

n this is the picture with flash~
sometimes, I really hate my stupid camera~

the guys~ ordering drinks~
if u look carefully... u can spot the saman in these pictures...
hahaz~ all of us are really feeling bad about it~

got myself a glass of chocz milkshake~
which tasted like milo milkshake... >.<""""""

n lastly~ a pic with them~
Ban, who is having a 1 week holiday now - didn't meet him for months~
Dan, our beloved driver~
Lemon, the one who showed us the way there~

well~ some of the pics are really blur~
sigh... hope u don't mind~

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