Saturday, January 2, 2010

09 xMas =)

it's a late entry...updating it at my hostel.. my gang of unimates are chit chatting since everyone is still very FREE for the moment=) ok~ so just let the pictures do more of the talkings^^
it's a superb xMas eve with my lovely dear.. 1st time of celebrating it with him~ thanks for bringing me so many sweet memories to be cherished....

went for a movie in the morning of the day with Ling n Vicky...1st time in Vicky's car...yea~ she is driving at last!!! AVATAR....this is really the best movie in year 2009 ^^ love this movie so much ! it's very touchy too....hope I can watch it again =)
*toruk macto*
*I see you*

dear came to pick me at 5pm and we head to the Curve^^ xmas deco at the Curve...not bad huh... like it^^

had dinner at this place--->
yea~marche movenpick restaurant..a restaurant which has a "night market" style...keke~you can choose your food and beverage from different stalls...
a piece of paper sort of like your passport is given when u r in the restaurant... once you have ordered the food, the waiter will put a number on it^^
if you lost it, you ll have to PAY RM200...XD
anyway, this is the queue after we finished our dinner...crazy queue...luckily we dined very early, at 6 something^^

this is the place where we sat^^

camwhore with my sweetie~XD

this is how it looks inside...kinda pretty^^

a stall specially for appetizer...

the food that they served are very fresh...especially their fruit juice..but then it's kinda expensive...a small glass of fruit juice cost about RM8...
I had a glass of green apple+carrot while dear is honeydew

my appetizer, salmon salad... it cost about RM20....expensive due to the salmon fish..salmon is my favourite^^

turkey breast =) not really a meat, it's still ok for me^^ I forced my dear to finish it for me XD

dear ordered beef~ 70% cooked...

had a short walk at the curve after dinner...hang out at Kitschen... took a picture at the big mirror^^

camwhore with my dear again^^

then, had a walk at's snowing there !

lots of kids were playing with the "snow"...those snow are made from bubbles....

had a picture with dear~hehe~~~ under the snow....

night scene at the curve =)
went home before 12am since I have was a great xmas eve~

a suprise from dear in the car~ he got me a xmas present =)

perfume^^ I like this smell a lot... thanks babe ! muackkzzz....
my first perfume =)

a xmas card from a very old friend^^

xmas deco at MV~ I went to MV at last ! I don't really like it duh...hehe

played with dear's sunny in the car...=p

watched Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 =)

till here~
more updates coming up~ joining my friends for the chit chatting session now^^
class starts tmr~~~~

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