Monday, January 4, 2010

vIcky's 21st bIrtHday =)

1st time of singing K with cousin XD it was a great experience.... they are very sporting^^
hang out with them for lunch at ioi McD and headed to redbox...
it's a plan by my cousin bro, Yuan^^ thanks to him
I left the singing session earlier as I have a dinner with the gang of ji mui^^
my cousins~

dined at Bandar Puteri, Puchong
a steamboat Restaurant name as "Lao Ma Zhi" it means mother in chinese^^
I was late for an hour.... ended up don't really have the appetite to enjoy my dinner, besides, not really fond of steamboat^^ anyway, they have a very special steamboat soup called as "mat lat", erm,,,sort of like super spicy... it has a very weird taste...don't really like it...keke...but then, try it if you are curious for the taste ! =)

it cost about RM25 per pax....
buffet style steamboat....kinda wasted for me since I ate abit only...><

didn't take any pictures during the dinner since I was late and kinda lazy d...
those pictures are by Ling^^

choose whatever that you want and you can ask them to BBQ it for you^^

this is also one of their specialty...a kind of sauce...mix it with your food to enjoy^^

then, headed to Bkt Serdang and prepared a birthday suprise for mIss Vicky^^
venue: playground
theme:candles....I think it's kinda romantic^^

her original birthday cake by SR, cappuccino cheese cake^^

after some artworks by PYee and turns out to be pretty cute rite?^^ both of them are so sweet^^Vicky thought that it is a home baked cake XD

lighten up with candles that has the word" happy birthday"
got it from Malacca when I went there for a day trip with dear^^

kaki and dear lighten up the candles....

took a picture before the birthday gurl shows up^^

we even played with the swing XD

erm....I dunno what is this called... might be spoiling the thingy since I am not a kid anymore =.=

Vicky was being blind folded by PY, Jacq and Keong....
and here we go~ suprise for her....she said she nearly cry....too bad she didn't =p

her birthday present^^ perfume....we got it at the Pavillion outing....selected by herself cause we lied to her it is for Jacq's sis...XD so, she was kinda speechless and unbelievable when she got this present^^

it's cute~ apple shape^^ a big one and a tiny one with a lotion....

group picture of the gals^^

hanged out at PY's house for a while to quench thirst since all of us are damn thirsty !!! it's very hot at the playground...I sweat a lot...><

had a piece of the birthday cake and we headed home.... gotta be miss Cinderella...huhu~
curfew=12am ><

Vicky's birthday is on 2nd of January but we celebrated it earlier for her =)
hope you are always happy~~~~

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