Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hApcHai aka Hatyai

ok here comes the 1st post about it.... gonna make this 2D1N trip into a few post due to those pictures.... 4 cameras !!! gonna start it in a simple way as I am super sleepy now... and sicky... just eaten panadol before that......huhu~
so, the border of Thai is actually super NEAR to my uni... I really mean it! not kidding duh.... just a 15 minutes drive... cool huh ????!!!!! so, stop by to visit me when u wanna go Thai by car...=P

kk~ back to te trip~ this is an unexpected trip~ it came into out mind in a sudden during the management lecture class XD yea~ we never pay attention in that class..600 students in a class+boring lecture= chatting/sleeping session....^^

24 of us~ half of it is our gang... another 10girls is one of my coursemates girlfriend.....
lots of conflicts in this trip due to 2 different gangs....sigh..... super "beh song"!!!!
a pic of my gang at the canteen while waiting for van^^

walked ut from our campus under the hot sun + luggage.. cause outsiders vechicles are not allowed to go into uni compound....=.= troublsome.....ZZZzzzzz

at the immigration~~~~ passing the border line of Msia and Thai =)

some of us use group passport included me as I didn't bring my passport here... super stupid and troublesome frte procedure of making group passport !!!! swear Ill not go over this again....=s

it took us an hour till the town, Hapchai.....0

a pic outsde of our hotel, Grand Plaza, next to Lee Garden which is also a shopping mall =)

this mall is also the 1st place I did some shopping.... spent at there for an hour+....we tried McPork too~ cool ??^^ I love it so so much !!!!!!

till here for the intro~~

my sunny trip has started..^^

Chyum's sunny...chio^^

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