Sunday, January 3, 2010

last day of year 2009

had dinner at Mdm Kwan with dear on new year eve^^
it was also our last dinner before I came back to the forest uni...
my babe~ XD

my nasi lemak =)
my favourite dish there...hehe

dear's dinner~ colourful rice^^

enjoying my last dinner with him

had a short walk and went for dessert^^ its 31st and guess what? BR has sale =) I guess everyone know about that. Its my 1st time of having BR ice-cream on 31st...
we ordered mint chocz and strawberry flavour....
too much ! ate till we almost wanna puke... >< favourite^^

hang out at Jacq's house after that.. my friends didn't go for countdown either. I guess everyone is afraid of the crowd... we played with Jacq's desktop for a while and headed to the field for's not that nice duh....I prefer watching it closer...^^ met up with another gang of friends at the field^^

daphne was busy shooting the was a pretty night....pretty moon... super BRIGHT ! =)
love it right?^^ I took it with my camera too, but then it is not that clear...

left dear a bottle of "medicine" ....
back to forest again for 6 weeks till the CNY holiday~~~~~

2009 is indeed a year with lots of memories....
happy new year =)
I hope I ll have a great 2010^^

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